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Clutch Kit SACHS Racing with Dualmass

Sachs Performance clutch kit for 1.9 TDI engines with 6 speed gearbox + dualmass 2294 003 341

Flywheel have only 12 Kg!!!

Torque transfer 800 ++ Nm, startup behavior similar to the serial clutch !!!

SRE Clutch Pressure Disc + 4/5 Pad Disc + Dualmass + Bearing



Innovative racing technology.
Higher moment of transfer
Increased pressure and less wear on the pressure plate
Higher number of friction disc rotations
Behavior at startup similar to the series

Technical details.
The ZF Sachs Performance clutch distinguishes itself from serial couplers, among others, through higher torque transmission, increased insensitivity to abrasion and higher thermal resistance.

A faster, sporty gear change is possible through a shorter release distance. This makes it particularly suitable for use in tuning, in endurance and mountain races (eg Group N) and for vehicles that are frequently used at maximum load.

The behavior at take-off (gripping the clutch) is similar to that of serial clutches, so the everyday traffic performance remains fully preserved.

use of:
- Chip tuning, turbo and compressor remodeling
- Vehicles with maximum load
- Racing for 1/4 mile
- Racing on race tracks (long-distance, club sport, autocross)
- Rallye (e.g. Group N)
- Slalom, drifting

Diameter [mm]: 240 - Number of teeth: 23 - Hub profile: 21.8x24.2-23N
Torque 560 + Nm.

Vehicle manufacturer`s numbers
04E 141 015 C
04E 141 015 CX

04E 141 015 C
04E 141 015 CX

04E 141 015 C
04E 141 015 CX

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