Swiatek R-Swiatek

Camshaft Type R

Sport camshaft for:

VW 1.9TDI 8v

Manufactured since 1999, type "R"

Original catalog no. OE 038109101R

Cam lift: suction: 9.80 exhaust: 10.00 mm (series: 8.85 / 8.85mm)

Total opening time: 260 ° 268 ° (series: 214 ° / 214 °)

Opening time (2.0 mm): 195 ° 210 ° (series: 176 ° / 176 °)

Alpha angle: 114 ° (112 ° series)

R-type rollers - rally rollers are set for higher power and torque in a larger RPM range.

It is necessary to make additional modifications (head processing, sports exhaust and intake manifold,

indicated gear ratios, etc.).

Engine tuning on the dynamometer (chip-tuning - the use of a programmable computer is recommended, e.g. DTA, Autronic, Mega Squirt

plus camshaft chamfering).

Rally rollers increase the engine speed mainly in the upper range, so sometimes it is good to switch from a hydraulic drive

on mechanical and use other valve springs. The use of camshafts made with the option of infinitely variable timing phases

will effectively facilitate the process of proper tuning on the dynamometer or during traction tests.

Many years of experience, participation in sports competitions and consultations with customers who bought R-rollers from us resulted in the development of such

cam parameters so that they can achieve the intended purpose when applying the above recommendations

and gain max power.

Sport Camshafts Swiatek provide an additional power and durability.

Sport Camshafts Swiatek constructions were developed basing on our over thirty years experience in motorization domain and many years of research, tests and our own racing Team challenges in our country and abroad.

We manufacture our camshafts basing on verified technologies and selected materials. They are used in vehicles by greatest rallying and racing contestants, who are achieving champion titles.

All solutions offered by us are tested by professionals in extreme circumstances. Thanks to that we are sure, that our products are a warranty of 100% satisfaction.


Types of sport camshafts

Sports camshafts change engine characteristics - improve power and torque curves. Depending on type of camshafts, additional engine modifications are necessary in order to obtain properly engine work and best effects. Swiatek sport camshafts offer consists of types:

  • GT- more powerfull street cams. Tuning car on dyno is necessary. Power and torque increase about 10-20%.
  • R - rally camshafts, designed for bigger power and torque in wide range of rpm. Other modifications of engine are necessary (cylinder head modification, sport intake and exhaust, shorter gear ratios recommended etc.) and dyno car tuning (chip-tuning - recommended programmable injection computer installation and camshaft degreeing). Performance about 100 ps from 1000 cm3 engine.
  • W - Racing camshafts, maximum power and torque increase. Engine modifications similar to rally cams. Performance above 100 ps from 1000 cm3 engine.
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